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Patchwerk Recording Studios

At Patchwerk Studios, we pride ourselves in achieving the highest level of audio quality in all our recordings, mixes and masters.

Patchwerk CC Verification

As a credit card vendor, we are required to adhere to strict regulatory guidelines regarding purchases made when your card is not present.

This due diligence protects you as a cardholder and us as a vendor. We are required to obtain the following information to proceed with booking your services.

All transactions require a valid payment method and must accompany an identification verification that matches such payment. Your credit card billing address must match your driver's license or government id address submitted. Your role in providing accurate information is crucial for a smooth transaction process.

If you are using someone else to pay for you, then this person must complete the verification form, and all of their information must match.

Any and all payment requests that do not pass the verification will be automatically canceled, and no sessions, products, or services will be released.

If you have any questions – please call the studio at 404-874-9880. Thank you.

Enter the invoice number from the invoice that you received from Patchwerk. If you do not have an invoice number, please contact the studio.
The total payment submitted for the invoice

Personal Details

Billing Address of Credit Card

Apt, Unit, etc

ID Verification

Please upload a picture of your ID and your credit card that you are using to pay for the invoice. Note: Information on the Credit Card must match your ID!
Please check your type of id

Please note for your transaction to be approved we require the following:

  1. Front and clear picture of your ID (Drivers License, Government ID)
  2. Front picture of Credit Card (must match with ID and card used for payment)
  3. Back picture of Credit Card (must match)

As always, your alternative is to stop by the studio in person and make the payment.

Drag and drop files here or Browse
3 pictures are required (1. Front of ID, 2. Front of credit card, 3. Back of credit card) - Please use jpg, png, or gif and files should be no bigger than 3 MB
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